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Summer Time

We can't wait to see you all at the club. We don't know when kit will be possible to get together but in the meantime, it is SOOOOO nice to see everyone on Saturdays! On 26th June, we will be celebrating the feast of St Josemaria Escriva, thanks to whom we have a Hazelwood in Glasgow, among other things.....There is someone staying in Hazelwood who actually met St Josemaría in person!!! She has such good memories of him: he was fun, he laughed a lot and had great concern for people. He never came to Scotland but many follow his way of holiness through doing the everyday things with love, are spreading his message so that many people can follow in his footsteps to heaven without having to leave Scotland or do anything strange. So, this is the month to pray to him and to ask him that many girls like you have access to everything that the club offers you: fun, friends and formation!! We have a competition to win on 27th!!!! Hope to see you all on Saturday!


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Well done everyone! I think we were the liveliest club. I'm sure you loved seeing so many club girls from other places in the UK all together in one place. I really enjoyed seeing familiar faces from

It's JUNE!!!!!

SOOOOO looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow with their designer masks on!!!! Please have your creative photos ready to share. There is still time if you haven't managed it!!!