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Please find our fees below.

The Hazelwood Club uses these fees to fund the running costs of the club; room rental, equipment, materials etc.

All the money from the fees goes straight back into the club.

The Club makes the best effort to keep the fees as low as possible to enable people from all backgrounds to attend.

However, if you have any problems paying at any time, or the fees would stop you attending, please let us know. 

Our priority is to provide a fun, formative, and loving environment for the girls (and you, their families), we will never make the fees a barrier to that.

We also accept any donations, be they monetary or material (paper, fabric, wool...anything!). You can be sure that it will all go to good use.

Many thanks for your continued support.


Term Fee

☆ £50

Weekly fee 

(By arrangement)

☆ £5


☆ First (Trial) week free!

☆ Discount for sisters

☆ Reduced rate for those who need it.

How to pay

Pay by either bank transfer or cash.

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