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A Girls Club in Glasgow

The Hazelwood Club is a girl's club held in Dumbreck in the south side of Glasgow, next to Bellahouston Park.

The Club is a place for girls to have fun, learn new skills, make long-lasting friendships, and grow in faith.

So, come along and join the fun.

 Have a look around our website and get in touch.

We cant wait to hear from you!

Here is what some of our girls think of the Club.

"There are lots of girls, all very nice and understanding. You make really good friends, like you wouldn't dream of at other clubs. All the activities are really fun. We also have talks about how we can be better in our lives. We're helping other people and we benefit as well when we help others"

(Jellybean club girl)

"It's good for character building. Coming to the Club has really helped me. I used to be shy. The club has helped me build my confidence. Now when I meet someone new I go up and talk to them - Previously, I wouldnt have done that."

(Smartie club girl)

"Everybodies so open. You just chat. It makes you realise how similar you are to otrher people. I met another girl at the Club and we realised that we go to the same High School."

(Smartie Club Girl)

"Its quite different from other clubs. This club is also about faith. It helps you become closer to God."

"With other clubs you might feel pressured into doing things. Here it is more relaxed. I really enjoy coming here."

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The spiritual and doctrinal guidance given at Hazelwood club is entrusted to Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church which helps people find holiness in everyday life. 

For more information on Opus Dei, visit People of all faiths are welcome at Hazelwood Club.


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